SATURDAY 18 JUNE 11.30 - 5.30  & SUNDAY 19 JUNE 11.30 - 5.30





Another action packed FREE FAMILY WEEKEND of world class street entertainment featuring the now distinctive blend of daring and silliness. Not forgetting the new artisan market and our Saturday evening entertainment at the Empire Ballroom, more information coming soon

Kiki and Amelia – Las Cossas Nostra

Wannabe gangsters and Italian fashion victims Mia Mine and Mr Vita invite you to enter their bizarre and absurd world as they welcome you to 'la family'.  In a world filled with hairspray, fake gold and snake skin, the show appeals to audiences of all ages, as this odd couple overcomes disaster with small and satisfying triumphs. The dynamic duo burrow through a hilarous and high-energy act with a classic soundtrack.

Mia Mine and Mr Vita - Streetfest 2016 Artists from Spain Streetfest 2016

Kiki Bittovabitsch

Kiki last appeared in Ashbourne as the lovable nerd Shirlee Sunflower and you’ll be pleased to know that she’s back again with her new alter ego, Kiki Bittovabitsch. One review described her as “flirtatious, outrageous, monstrous, hilarious…in short, she’s bitchin’ brilliant.”  That’s what we like!

Kiki Bittovabitsch - Streetfest 2016 Artist from Australia Streetfest 2016

Paul Dabek

Paul’s dynamic and high-energy style has gained him many accolades and awards and he has performed his cheeky brand of magic to audiences across six continents.  From a background of extensive theatrical experience, he has established himself as one of the finest rising stars in the world of magic.  A highly versatile performer, Paul’s deceptive talents range from intimate sleight-of-hand to spectacular illusions.


Dynamike performs numerous tricks while riding a unicycle and will get you involved in passing him objects to juggle. His most winning performance involves him riding his tallest unicycle while juggling three knives, which often leaves the more squeamish members of the audience looking away in horror and that is guaranteed to get Ashbourne audiences very excited!

Dynamike - Streetfest 2016 Artist from Canada Streetfest 2016

Chris Lynam

Chris Lynam is renowned for many things, but mainly for bringing his own brand of crazed humour to unsuspecting audiences. His comedy is both dangerous and exciting, stretching variety to its limits.  Any one show may include pyrotechnics, acrobatics, outlandish operatic and orchestral overtures, flying sousaphones and anything else that may spring into his unnecessarily large and vivid imagination.

Chris Lyman - Streetfest 2016 Artist from UK Streetfest 2016

Kate Mior

Combining engaging performance with elaborate self-made costumes, Kate Mior produces visually stunning and creative moving living art, mime and an array of hilarious characters; from street theatre to bawdy vaudeville.  She performs with professional circuses in shows and she tours as a solo performer in the world of street theatre festivals.

Dr Philistine

Like a latter-day Lord of Misrule, the aptly named Dr Philistine regularly turns London’s Covent Garden West Piazza into a celebration of the Carnivalesque. During the course of a dizzying 45 minutes, he effortlessly erases the boundaries between social groups, classes, ages and cultures. His audience becomes a single entity, joined in laughter; which is what we love the most at Streetfest.

Dr Philistine - Streetfest 2016 Artist from UK Streetfest 2016


A few years ago, in Belgium, Saribibi learned how to make hats. She then decided to practise her talent at home on her kids and, after a while, she started performing at weddings and family events. Having had a great deal of success with that, she then performed at festivals and has crossed different countries with her performance, adorning people’s heads with her unique and colourful hats! Make a hat with Saribibi and wear it with pride around Streetfest.

The Wardens

No regular visitor to Streetfest can forget The Wardens; the only act we have again and again by popular demand. Having got a better offer last year, The Wardens are returning! Once again they have given themselves the power to enforce any rule or law they see fit - breathing too loudly, walking on the cracks in the pavement without a permit, walking without due care and attention, wearing a loud shirt in a built up area, possession of an offensive child, whistling or humming an infectious song, walking whilst using a mobile phone, or stopping in a no stopping area...! Watch your behaviour, The Wardens are after you.

Toni Smith – Minnie Maniac

The Hula Hoop girl from New Zealand living in Canada, Minnie Maniac (aka Toni Smith), lives an amazing life travelling the world as an adventurer and performer.  Along the way, she has done some really cool things, including a high wire act between two buildings 150 feet above ground.  Her show will not only wow you but with plenty of audience participation and great sense of humour you cannot fail to enjoy her effortless and impressive performance. You’ve not seen Hula Hoop like this before!

Juma Kuba

Acrobat extraordinary! Acrobatic stunt artist who regularly performs in Covent Garden. Stamina acrobatics, juggling, limbo dancing with street comedy to include everyone – whether they like it or not!

Juma Kuba - Streetfest 2016 Artist from S Sudan Streetfest 2016

Supported by:

THe Wardens - Streetfest 2016 Artist from UK Streetfest 2016 Magician Paul Dabek - Streetfest 2016 Artist from UK Streetfest 2016 Toni Smith - Streetfest 2016 Artist from Canada Streetfest 2016 Katie Mior - Streetfest 2016 Artist living in Canada Streetfest 2016 Saribibi - Streetfest 2016 Artist from Belgium Streetfest 2016

Artisan Market

The Festival is delighted to be associated with an Artisan market which will be held in Victoria Square during Streetfest weekend. Boasting quality stalls this new venture is sure to attract lots of interest.

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